(2017) for Concert Band.

Commissioned by Composers and Schools in Concert for Lausanne Collegiate School, Memphis, TN, DoraThea Kastanas, director; Lincoln East High School, Lincoln, NE, Tom Thorpe, director; Fullerton Union High School, Fullerton, CA, Troy Trimble, director; and Culver City High School, Culver City, CA, Tony Spano, Jr., director.

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Description and Program Note

Boreas is a thrilling piece for grade 3 concert band with 3 against 2 rhythms, strong horn and low brass lines, and detailed percussion parts.

Boreas was the god of the cold north wind in Greek mythology. He brought winter to the land and was known for his strong and violent temper. Images from ancient Greece often depicted Boreas as an old man with wild shaggy hair and a conch shell in his hands.

The music opens with loud dark blasts similar to a foghorn. These blasts warn of the coming weather—storms, fog, and cold. The opening section introduces the listener to a swirling restless motive that returns in the calmer internal section. The horns and trombones introduce the listener to Boreas‘ powerful and strong temperament, which drives the music along to its exciting conclusion.

Demos and Recordings

In this embedded music player you will find a demo of Boreas and recordings of live performances (as the become available). The demo is a MIDI realization.

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