Grade 2 Consortium 2018
I’m writing a piece for Grade 2 Concert Band!

Aaron Given

Aaron Given, middle school band director for Olentangy Local School District in Ohio, is the lead director in a new consortium for a Grade 2 work for concert band. We have a vision of creating a beautiful & lyrical work for middle school students.

Access to myself, the composer, will help students engage, as well as help to get any questions answered about the music & the music writing process. I will Skype into your rehearsal to give your students face-to-face time!

I also want to encourage students to write and to engage in the process of music creation. One of the benefits of joining the Hope-Given Grade 2 Consortium is access to information for young composers. I will be creating a PDF with first steps, suggested listening, and free resources you can use to support the students interested in writing music.

Lastly, I am offering a composition webinar to provide one-on-one guidance, to share first-hand experience, and to help your young composers grow as composers.

Benefits To You & Your Program:

  • Increased student engagement
  • Development of student composers
  • Rights to first-performance for your district
  • Skype session with the composer
  • Your name & the name of your school in the score
  • The right to print as many copies as your school needs

The Details:

Who: Composer Garrett Hope; Directors of Middle and Senior High School ensembles looking for quality Grade 2 music.

What: A consortium for a new Grade 2 work for Concert Band. The piece will be between 3–3:30 in length.

Where: Anywhere! As long as there is internet in your rehearsal room I can Skype into your rehearsal. If you are local to SE Nebraska, or if I multiple schools in your area join the consortium, I will do everything I can to visit in person.

When: We are asking for a commitment no later than May 1, 2018. Payment will be due by September 1, 2018. The music will be delivered no later than December 1, 2018 in time for you to prepare for a Spring performance.

Why: To provide a unique music-making experience for your students and to allow them to participate in the creation of a brand new work of art.

How: Internet-based visits will take place over Skype, Facetime, or Zoom—whatever is easiest for your school. The score and parts will be delivered as a PDF. You will have the right to print however many copies of the parts you require.

Cost of Joining the Consortium:

We realize that budgets are tight so we are offering two levels of participation for this consortium:

Level A—$150

Level A will get your name in the score, the rights to first-performance for your district, and a Skype session with the composer.

Level B—$250

Level B includes everything from Level A as well as a PDF of resources & first-steps for the young composer, and access to the webinar for interested students*.

*The webinar will be scheduled in the evening and online access information will be made available for you to distribute to any student who is interested. They will be able to access the webinar from home.

Click Here to Join!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Garrett or Aaron.

Participating Schools:

  • Aaron Given, Olentangy Hyatts Middle School; Olentangy Liberty Middle School (Ohio)
  • John Blasko, Harding Middle School (Ohio)
  • Rachel Besand, Midview Middle School (Ohio)
  • Julie Tabaj, Garfield Middle School (Ohio)
  • Christopher Ewald, Learwood Middle School (Ohio)
  • Alex Randolph, North Arvada Middle School (Colorado)
  • Andrew Lawrence, Madison-Plains Junior High (Ohio)
  • Dr. Wade Howles, Lakeview Community Schools (Nebraska)
  • Christopher Chidsey, Strongsville Middle School (Ohio)
  • Scott Rovniak, Lee Burneson Middle School (Ohio)
  • Jennifer Dunn, Centennial Middle School (Colorado)
  • Andrea Hollenbeck, Preston Middle School (Colorado)
  • Margaret Godsmith, Newman College (Australia)
  • Dr. James B. Karas, Lefler Middle School Band (Nebraska)
  • Mark Awad, Bay Middle School Band (Ohio)
  • Dan Nicora, Van Buren Middle School (Ohio)
  • Bryce Newton, Kettering Middle School (Ohio)
  • Caleb Starbuck, Nevin Platt Middle School (Colorado)
  • Dana Clanin, Altona Middle School (Colorado)