I began in earnest a piece for choreographer Jeanine McCain today. I need to give her a draft in four days. Sigh. I always do this to myself. Jeanine and I have been collaborating for a couple of years now and I love working with her. This new work is for a dance she is setting on her students at Ursinus College. The theme has to do with connecting the past to the present and projecting into the future. The music will be roughly 9 minutes in length and I’m conceiving it in three parts.  The working title is The Past is But a Fragment.

The first part is nearly complete. I need to flesh out the sounds through the use of layering, but I like what I have so far. It has a very open feel. We’ll see what tomorrow brings. I have a vision of one of the parts using a soprano voice, but where can I find one to come in and do some recording for me at the last minute?


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