(2017) for String Ensemble.

Commissioned by Dr. Eliza Jeffords for the Texas Lutheran University String Ensemble.

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Description and Program Note

Polaris is a cinematic piece for grade 3 string ensemble with rapid spiccato rhythms, long legato phrases, and delicate harmonies.

Movies and games.

When I first met with Dr. Eliza Jeffords’ students at Texas Lutheran University it was the music of movies and games that they enjoyed listening to and performing the most.  I’m not terribly surprised. That was, and still is, music that has meant a great deal to me in my life. In fact, I can easily say that movie soundtracks were part of the reason I started composing.

I set out to write a piece of music with a sweeping cinematic theme, but with the rhythmic energy and intensity of a contemporary film and game soundtrack. In the process I discovered a haunting melody that found a home in the internal section surrounded by delicate harmonies that sigh in relief to the theme.

Each section of the string ensemble has an opportunity to present the theme of this grade 3 work and to drive the piece forward with intense rhythms.

This piece is dedicated to my grandfather, A. B. Thompson, who lead a life of adventure and modeled following your passions, acting in integrity, celebrating family, and enjoying life. As he was a life-long lover of all things outdoors, Polaris represents the wild and ever-seeking nature of my grandfather while also providing a sign to always find your way home.


Rehearsal Materials

In this embedded music player you will find a demo of Polaris and a variety of rehearsal tracks. One for each section of the string ensemble. The demo and all rehearsal tracks are MIDI realizations.

Available for Purchase on MusicSpoke