The Wolf's Robe Movie

Synopsis of Film

Magician and con-artist Victor Hunt (Will Griffey) flees the authorities after a botched bank robbery. Finding a minister stuck on the road, Victor steals his robe and credentials, leaving the minister tied in the woods. Victor’s trajectory goes awry when the Engel family believes him to be the minister coming to officiate their daughter’s wedding and lead the church.

Realizing his need to gather enough money to leave the United States, Victor decides to stay with the Engels in their impoverished town and use his new identity to amass what little money they have. To his surprise, he bonds with the Engels. As a devout atheist, Victor cons the town through the puritanical teachings of his foster mother and wields them to take their money and punish them for their indifference to one another.

Upon learning that his religious apprentice, and the Engel’s only single daughter, Maybelle (Erin Howard), holds Russian citizenship Victor begins a spellbinding end-of-days charade to escape the country with her. As pressure from the authorities mount, wrought with turmoil, he must decide on coming clean to the town or bankrupting it and breaking the hearts of the only family he’s known.

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